International Business Opportunity: Rwanda

Brief Background: The Rwandan company COCA Ltd is seeking quotations from U.S. companies for the supply and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment for two mini hydropower sites in southern Rwanda.

In October 2014, COCA Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rwanda’s Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) regarding the development of two proposed hydropower plants totaling 1.08 MW of capacity.  The Nyirabugoyi plant, located in the Nyamagabe District, would have 731 KW of generation capacity, and the Gacumu plant in the Nyaruguru district would have a capacity of 350 KW.  COCA Ltd has completed pre-feasibility studies and Environmental Impact Assessment reports and has received Environmental Approval Certificates for these plants.  The company is currently nearing the finalization of its full feasibility study for the proposed mini hydropower plants and is now seeking quotations for equipment supply and installation.

Article by the USTDA. For more information, click here.



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