Hot Houston startup lands former Barclay’s head

A new startup from Houston, My Core Control Inc., is only three months out of the gate, but it has some big plans for the future.

The company, created by Houstonian Buddy Lavin, makes coats with heating mechanisms in the sleeves to keep the body warm. The idea stems from personal experience for Lavin, whose grandmother used to put cool water on his wrists when he was hot as a child, cooling off his entire body.

The company named Hugh “Skip” McGee as chairman of its board, Lavin told the Houston Business Journal. McGee previously served as the head of Barclays PLC’s American division, and prior to that, was the global head of the banking division for Lehman Brothers, according to his LinkedIn page.

“I have personally tested the product and am optimistic that My Core Control will be extremely successful as consumers, apparel companies, stores and industry begin to experience the benefits of personal thermal control technology,” said McGee. “As investors, we are betting that products that can actually make you warm will massively outperform those that simply try and keep you warm.”

The product is being sold online through Cabela’s and Amazon. Within a month, the startup had already sold more than 1,000 units, according to Lavin. My Core has also been having plenty of discussions with companies such as UnderArmour, Adidas and other top brands, Lavin said.

“This will be big in medical, in industrial and, of course, for the guy going to Lambeau Field in Green Bay,” Lavin told the Houston Business Journal.

The concept is relatively simple. Small heat pads rest in the wrists of the jacket, near main veins. It’s battery controlled, so it needs to be charged for four to six hours for 12 hours of use. The jacket has three settings that can be manually selected. Within three minutes, there’s a change in body temperature, Lavin said.

Next on the company’s radar: the launch of what it’s calling a “smart coat.” Set to release in February, the smart coat connects with a smartphone through an app, and wearers can adjust their temperature. Eventually, wearers will be able to listen to music through headphones in the coat.

“From a humanity standpoint, this is a huge breakthrough,” Lavin said. “To push a button and change your temperature.”

Source: Houston Business Journal, Joe Martin


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