Houston Gearing Up to Celebrate Consular Forum in October


Photo courtesy of Houston Consular Ball, houstonconsularball.com

The City of Houston is preparing to expand on the newly reinvigorated Consular Ball, adding a business conference component to the festivities that focus on the business connections that enliven Houston’s international relationships. This year’s Consular Forum will focus on the north, celebrating the countries Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The business conference, taking place on October 17th at the George R. Brown Convention Center, will feature the theme “The Arctic: Opportunities in the Global North”. Topics discussed will cover the technological, social, environmental, policy and regulatory inputs that make up the driving force of development in this region. The conference will be an opportunity to promote dialogue between Houston and the Arctic region, and serve as an opportunity to promote bilateral business ties, trade, and economic development between the two regions. The conference will feature panel discussions specific to each country, a keynote luncheon, and business to business matchmaking meetings.

Of the conference, Mayor Parker said, “At a time when our world is hyper-connected and the space between countries is rapidly diminishing, the Arctic Ocean remains one of the last great frontiers on the globe,” said Mayor Parker. “The selection of the Arctic Circle nations, the Northern Lights, focuses on a region of the world with unprecedented opportunities.” The business conference is co-organized by OTC’s Arctic Technology Conference and the University of Houston’s UH Energy, who are working in collaboration with the Consulates General of Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, to develop the program. The business conference is supported by the Greater Houston Partnership and Houston First Corporation

This year’s Consular Ball will be themed “Northern Lights, Southern Hospitality”. The City’s premier, white-tie event celebrates Houston’s formidable Consular Corps of 92 consulates, the third largest concentration in the nation. The ball will celebrate Houston’s global presence by bringing together diplomatic and political leaders, business leaders and executives in the fields of education, culture and the arts.

For more information about the consular forum, please visit http://houstonconsularball.com/.

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