Mayor Pro Tem Gonzalez Visits With Government Delegation From Karamay, China

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On January 9, 2014, Mayor Pro Tem Ed Gonzalez met with a government delegation from Karamay, China, led by Vice-Mayor Wang Jun. The delegation was comprised of the heads of various municipal departments who were in Houston to strengthen existing ties to the city and to learn best practices from an established energy city. The Vice Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem discussed continuing the city-to-city partnership that had been developed between Karamay and Houston, and the potential for new planned interactions in the future.

While in Houston the delegation also met with the Greater Houston Partnership to learn more about Houston’s diverse economy. Karamay has long been associated with the oil and gas industry, with roughly ninety percent of economic activity connected to the industry. The delegation learned about Houston’s efforts to diversify from a major oil and gas hub to a strong economy in the fields of medicine, technology, and space, to name a few of the major industries.

The Delegation also visited with the City of Houston’s Planning Department. The group took away so information about the maintenance of the City’s infrastructure and of the City’s development in the absence of zoning laws.


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