Guiyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Welcomes Investors

Concept drawing for the Guiyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. From

Concept drawing for the Guiyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. From

Most visitors to China may be familiar with Shanghai and Beijing, but as any seasoned traveler can tell you, the world’s most populous nation and third largest country by geographical area has boundless variety and countless opportunities to explore.  In Guizhou Province, located in China’s quickly developing southeast corridor, is the city of Guiyang, China’s first “National Forest City,” known for its beautiful and verdant scenery. Also known as “China’s Summer Resort,” the pleasant climate makes for a top travel destination within China and, soon, within Southeast Asia. In addition to its natural gifts, Guiyang is an important industrial base in southwest China. Rich in mineral resources, Guiyang serves as a production base for the aluminum and phosphate industries, precision optical instruments, and electronic instruments to name just a few production areas.

In 1992, plans were approved for the development of the Guiyang National High-Tech Development Zone, and progress on this Zone hawhich continues at a fast pace.  This special economic area is the only state-level high-tech zone in Guizhou Province and currently houses 69 engineering centers and enterprise technology centers, among which are 4 state-level centers and 43 province-level centers. The centers focus on the development of new energy, high-tech equipment manufacturing, biological medicine, software and information service, opto-electronics industry, as well as investment, finance and commerce.

The Zone is described as “one district, seven parks,” which include the National Digital Content Industrial Park, the National Torch Plan Software Industry Base, the National New Industrialization Demonstration Base, the National (Guiyang) Chip Component Industry Park, the National Electronic Components High-Tech Industrialization Base, the National Scientific Trade Innovation Base (High-End Equipment Manufacture), and the National Modern Service Industry (Digital Content) Industrialization Base. The purpose of these multiple parks, centers, bases and other subdivisions is to promote top research institutions located in the Zone, to provide professional technology services, to establish the pilot base to execute the construction and operation, and to establish the province’s data processing center. The focus of the three projects, which include Talent Selection and Education, The Talents Project, and the Talent Habitat Project, is to attract and retain the best and brightest talent- educators, researchers, and engineers.

Guiyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone invites prospective investors to learn more about its structure. For more information please visit or contact Felicia Zimmerman at


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