Mayor Parker to Lead Delegation to South Africa

View of central Cape Town

View of central Cape Town

February 3-7, 2014, Mayor Annise D. Parker will lead a business and trade delegation to South Africa to promote bilateral ties and Houston’s visibility as a potential trade partner for Africa.  This mission is significant for Mayor Parker and the City of Houston, as it is the first time a Mayor of Houston has visited Africa in over 10 years. The mission comes at a critical juncture of elevated interest and activity in the African continent, much of which is supported through South Africa.

One of the central themes the Houston delegation will explore is how to make available the city’s considerable expertise in energy, offshore engineering and the technology and processes which drive these sectors to partners in South Africa. It will explore the significant opportunities in Africa related to power (E&P, petrochemicals, energy efficiency technologies) and give Houston-area firms an edge in terms of positioning itself continent-wide. The Houston delegation will attract substantial interest and open doors to future business opportunities and partnerships.

The 2014  South Africa Business and Trade Mission will be coordinated by the Greater Houston Partnership.  If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please visit


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